About TOSC

"Healing people through specialized orthopedic care"

Our Story

Dr. Robert JamiesonThe Orthopedic Specialty Center of Northern California was founded in January 2018 by Dr. Robert Jamieson. Throughout his training and practice, Dr. Jamieson observed many inefficiencies in treating patients. During 2017, he and his wife Leslie began to contemplate the possibility of starting a private practice centered around optimal patient care. As this idea developed into a plan, they decided that this was the right direction for their family and would be the best way for Dr. Jamieson to help his patients. After his practice was opened, Dr. Jamieson added several members to the team in the subsequent months, including Dr. Loidolt. The Orthopedic Specialty Center of Northern California is anticipated to grow in the upcoming years and continue its focus on exceptional patient care.

Our Commitment to patients:

At the Orthopedic Specialty Center of Northern California, we are committed to providing a frictionless experience for all our patients. We want our patients to feel like they are a part of our TOSC family. We strive to meet our patients needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.


To provide a superior orthopedic experience in total joint replacement. Our commitment is to create a culture of fans by investing into relationships with: our patients who refer friends and family to our practice, physicians who refer their patients to us and our employees who are a valued contributor in our patient care. 


To revolutionize the practice of orthopedics in healthcare. 

Our Team


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