Patient Testimonials

At the Orthopedic Specialty Center of Northern California, we are fortunate to have long lasting relationships with many of our patients as we attend to their orthopedic needs. Read their stories below.

Jack P.

Total Hip Replacement

Just 6 weeks after his total hip replacement, Jack is back on the river doing what he loves.

Dick W.

Total Hip Replacement

15 weeks after a total hip replacement, Dick hiked 9.2 miles up to Wheeler Peak (13,063 ft) in in Great Basin National Park.

“Great surgeon, great staff.”

Jim B.

Total Hip Replacement

6 months after Jim’s total hip replacement, he was back on his waverunner!


Total Hip Replacement

6 weeks after a total hip replacement, Matt was back on the golf course doing what he loves.

Dr Jamieson successfully cleaned excess scar tissue from an old knee replacement, proformed by another doctor. I now am able to achieve better flexability. Dr Jamieson, and his staff are all professional, kind and cheerful. Nice office too!
Doug H.
Doug H.Knee Replacement
“As a patient of Dr. Jamieson, I can’t say enough of the excellent job he and his staff have given me. From the beginning Dr. Jamieson made me feel so relaxed and explained the full procedure of my hip replacement. In all my follow-up appointments he gave me excellent care. Because of his expertise in the field and advice I was able to recover very quickly. I will forever be grateful for him.

Dr. Jamieson’s office staff were extremely helpful and professional at all times. They were always caring and went out of their way to make all their patients comfortable.

I would highly recommend Dr. Jamieson as a orthopedic surgeon to anyone who requires extremely wonderful service. I’m very happy to be one of his patients.”
Lucille C.
Lucille C.Hip Replacement
“At 66 years old, my left hip was worn out. I couldn’t do the things that made my active life such a pleasure. Dr. Jamieson and his entire staff took me into their family-like embrace, and gave me the chance to renew my enthusiasm for the sports and activities that make being retired so enjoyable. I am able to enjoy softball, pickleball, water volleyball, tennis, bicycling, walking the trails in my community pain free because of my hip replacement. Is perfection in any endeavor attainable? I wouldn’t know, but to give proper thanks to Dr. Jamieson and his team, I have to say, that for me, the result of the surgery I had done were, in fact, perfect. Thank you for what you do, for the comfort you gave me, for the professionalism you exhibit, and especially for the chance for me to renew my enjoyment of a rebooted, pain-free lifestyle.”
Samuel M.
Samuel M.Hip Replacement
“From my first appointment through post surgery follow-up visits,
Dr. Jamieson and his staff have been professional, effective, and attentive.

My hip pain was excruciating and debilitating. Dr. Jamieson’s staff promptly scheduled me for a hip replacement. After my three week post op follow-up appointment, I no longer needed any assistive devices to walk.

Dr. Jamieson is an excellent and caring surgeon. His staff is a reflection of how much he values his patients. As a 72 year old patient, I am grateful for Dr. Jamieson’s expertise.

Thank you for all that you do to make your patients’ lives better.”
Linda M.
Linda M.Hip Replacement
“I have been seeing Dr. Jamieson for approximately a year and a half. I was literally in tears the first time that I walked into his office. My knee pain was so overwhelming that I just wanted my legs cut off! Dr. Jamieson was kind, compassionate, and worked with me to establish a medical plan. He has now done both of my knee replacement surgeries, and I now have my life back! Unless you have been through destroyed knees, you have no idea how many falls you can take; how frightening it is to just think about taking your dogs a walk. I recommend Dr. Jamieson to everyone I know. He has helped me through my surgeries, rehab, and follow up appointments with the utmost care and mercy. He simply is without equal!”
Sandra T.
Sandra T.Knee Replacement
From the biggest fan of Dr. Robert Jamieson and his most excellent staff( Erin , Raquel and Ashley). I want to shout out for my awesome surgery and incredible recovery( I heal Fast?). I went into this with pain off the charts and woke up pain free as The Dr. told me ( pain killers aside). They had me up and walking when I woke up and I walked out that day. I was told by my home nurse , and therapist I wasn’t normal( heard that my whole life) , they were reffering to my rapid recovery. I think the better shape your in going into this will determine how fast you recover ( very competent Docter doesn’t hurt. Proud to say after 6 months I was back on waverunner and back on the moto-x track.. Thank-you Dr. ? and wonderful women.. Merry Christmas- Young Jim Borow (62yrs) Next time I screw up.. you da man
Jim B.
Jim B.Hip replacement
Hip replacement surgery performed by Dr. Jamieson has been a life changing experience. After months of pain, impaired quality of life, xrays and MRIs it was determined that the solution was total hip replacement. We did our homework, both on type of surgery and surgeons. We interviewed several physicians and compiled references. Because of this process we were were comfortable and confident in selecting Dr. Jamieson. He far exceeded our expectations. Besides being a highly competent and skilled surgeon, he is truly a caring and compassionate person, with a great sense of humor. The surgery went flawlessly using the anterior technique. No complications, home the next day, rapid recovery, nothing short of a miracle cure. I am very happy to finally be able to tie my own shoes and walk without pain.
Jerry W.
Jerry W.Hip replacement
After a year and a half of enduring a failing hip joint, incorrect diagnosis, and multiple injections with continued pain, I decided to get another opinion. Glad I did. I met with Dr Jamieson and his team at TOSC, we together reviewed my situation and decided that a Total Hip Replacement would be the best option for me. The entire process from Pre-op, Surgery through to Post Op went incredibly well. I am into the fifth week of recovery, walking without assistance and best of all: No Pain. Dr Jamieson and his group are truly professionals. I would highly recommend TOSC to anyone.
Jim S.
Jim S.Hip replacement
I strongly recommend Dr. Jamieson to anyone who is considering having a knee replacement. My knee surgery went very well! I had very little pain after the procedure, and my foot alignment is perfect! You would never know there is an artificial joint in my leg. It’s been 14 weeks and the knee feels completely normal! I was very impressed with the whole process. Dr. Jamieson is very knowledgeable, and is a very concerning Dr. in regard to your health and well being. He only wants what is best for you. He is excellent in his field, and makes you feel comfortable when he talks with you. He is polite, knows his field well, and has a very good bedside manner. He is highly educated, and a Dr. you can really trust. He did a great job on my knee. I highly recommend a man of his caliber! He delivers great results; he doesn’t disappoint!
John A.
John A.Knee replacement